"Recommended for new foodies."

  • Steamed Kurobuta Pork based mixed soup dumplings (4pc). Poseidon (1pc) + NewBee (1pc) + Shrimp (1pc) + Pork (1pc)
  • Fresh-made and Hand-made.


Kurobuta Pork is rich in nutrients and linolenic acid which can protect the liver, improve immunity and delay cell aging. Long-term consumption can prolong life and maintain youth. Transparent dough, blasting soup experience, beautiful shape, even folds, fresh taste of meat.

XLB Sampler

SKU: 0012
    • Snake River Farm®️ brand Kurobuta Pork. 
    • The best pork-based cuisine.
    • Non MSG ingredients. As a stone chef, we enjoy the mingled aroma of spices. "Call me Hayama Akira!"
    • Michelin quality with sincere price. Best valued.
    • To protect the texture of meat, we never refreeze the defrost meat. Fresh meat within 48 hours in refrigerator. We usually sell out the meat in 1-2 days everytime ground the meat. If there is leftover, we wrap the meat to frozen XLBs.  
    • We score the XLB meat and dough everyday. 95-100 for the fresh XLBs for dine-in, 90-95 for to-go XLBs due to cooling time, 90 for frozen XLBs.
  • No return or refund.