• "First invention of Mingle!"

    "Remember when we first design this XLB and make it to product, we want to see the highness and happiness on foodie's face. The pronunciation of NewBee in Mandarin has a meaning of "awesomeness".


    • Steamed Kurobuta Pork & creamy garlic langostino lobster soup dumplings (7pc).
    • Fresh-made and Hand-made.


    Kurobuta Pork is rich in nutrients and linolenic acid which can protect the liver, improve immunity and delay cell aging. Long-term consumption can prolong life and maintain youth. Transparent dough, blasting soup experience, beautiful shape, even folds, fresh taste of meat.


    SKU: 0007
      • Snake River Farm®️ brand Kurobuta Pork
      • Housemade creamy garlic butter.
      • The best pork-based cuisine.
      • Non MSG ingredients. As a stone chef, we enjoy the mingled aroma of spices. "Call me Hayama Akira!"
      • Michelin quality with sincere price. Best valued.
      • To protect the texture of meat, we never refreeze the defrost meat. Fresh meat within 48 hours in refrigerator. We usually sell out the meat in 1-2 days everytime ground the meat. If there is leftover, we wrap the meat to frozen XLBs.  
      • We score the XLB meat and dough everyday. 95-100 for the fresh XLBs for dine-in, 90-95 for to-go XLBs due to cooling time, 90 for frozen XLBs.
    • No return or refund.