• A bag of Frozen Kurobuta Pork XLB (10 pc)
    • Fresh meat to make Frozen Kurobuta Pork XLB. Score 90-100. 


    Kurobuta Pork is rich in nutrients and linolenic acid which can protect the liver, improve immunity and delay cell aging. Long-term consumption can prolong life and maintain youth. Transparent dough, blasting soup experience, beautiful shape, even folds, fresh taste of meat.

    [Frozen 10pc] Kurobuta Pork XLB

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    • Chef Instructions:

      • Steam: 9-10 mins on boiled water. Please put the steaming paper on the steamer before you put the XLBs.
      • Pan-fried: Better pan-fried bottom up.
      1. Put oil, green onion and XLBs in a pan
      2. put water once the green onion turns dark
      3. Cover the lid. Use medium fire instead of high fire.
      4. Wait for the water dries out. 
      5. Ready to eat when the XLBs are inflated.