• "Imagine an XLB but taste like a grilled burger! "

    "Very juicy and tender meat."


    • Bacon Cheese Burger XLB (2pc)
    • Inside the thin dough: Snake River Farm®️ brand Wagyu beef, beef butter, cheese, bacon
    • Outside the dough: pan-fried crispy bottom, grilled onion, fresh onion
    • Taste better with housemade whisky bourbon sauce.


    SKU: 0010
      • Snake River Farm®️ brand Wagyu Beef. 

      • The best beef burger concept cuisine.

      • Non MSG ingredients. As a stone chef, we enjoy the mingled aroma of spices. "Call me Hayama Akira!"

      • Michelin quality with sincere price. Best valued.

      • Make reservation 24 hours ahead to prepare.

    • No return or refund.